Terrific City (Pilot)

On this episode, Melissa and Cheyenne introduce our exploration of the city and screen life of Times Square in the 1970s on the occasion of the new television series, "The Deuce." Our special guest is author and podcaster Tina Horn. 

A glimpse of "Deep Throat" ( All the President's Men )

A glimpse of "Deep Throat" (All the President's Men)

On this episode

Our origin story / Why cities, why film and television, why the 1970s / "The Deuce" (inspired by but not limited to) / When the New York Times ran a front page story about there being no prostitution arrests on one day in 1971 / A preview of "The Deuce" through the eyes of the television press / "Brown bagginess" / Not preachy, not porn / an interview with podcaster and author Tina Horn about media representations of sex work, feminism, and pornography / watch Klute/ so long

Protest of  Deep Throat , Dave Pickoff/Associated Press.

Protest of Deep Throat, Dave Pickoff/Associated Press.

Further reading and viewing

There were no arrests for prostitution in Manhattan on Sunday and no arraignments of prostitutes in Criminal Court yesterday — the first time in 15 years that there have been no such hearings... The police at the West 54th Street station said that more than 40 women were arrested in the area yesterday and were charged with loitering. They said that large‐scale arrests did not allow the use of undercover patrolmen, who pose as clients and make arrests for prostitution, so that the easily proved loitering charge was filed instead. Judges and clerks in the Criminal Court spent most of their time yesterday relaxing.
— New York Times, 1971
Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda ( Klute )

Donald Sutherland and Jane Fonda (Klute)

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Jane Fonda as Bree Daniels in Manhattan  (Klute)

Jane Fonda as Bree Daniels in Manhattan (Klute)

Featured Music

  • "Shannon," Henry Gross; 1976
  • "American City Suite," Cashman & West; 1972


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