From Port Authority to the Shoeshine Scene (Times Square Episode 1)

On this episode, Melissa and Cheyenne tour Times Square social scenes in the 70s, through the pilot episode of "The Deuce." Our special guest is the author of The End of Policing, Alex Vitale. 

Times Square, 1971 / Getty

On this episode

"Nixon is pimp" / What year is it? 1971 / Darlene's tour of the SRO / Candy does some bookkeeping / Franco's Death Wish / Critics agree: "sex work is work" / Ellsberg, paranoia, and the plumbers / the Watergate years of porn / KLUTE, and Bree Daniels as everywoman / One of the two schools of police reform thought: "The Mod Squad" / the other isn't "Barney Miller" but you should watch it / call us! / so long

Franco's Patty Duke moment ("The Deuce")

Franco's Patty Duke moment ("The Deuce")

Further reading and viewing

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Paul DeMaria /  New York Daily News

Paul DeMaria / New York Daily News

  • "The Mod Squad"
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    • closing scene
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  • "Night Court"
A conversation   (Klute)

A conversation (Klute)

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Featured Music

  • "Shannon," Henry Gross; 1976
  • “Tomorrow’s Memory Lane,” Henry Gross; 1975
  • "American City Suite," Cashman & West; 1972


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