Indoors / Green Doors (Times Square Episode 6)

On this episode, Melissa and Cheyenne track the indoor move of Times Square's sex trade. And we screen one of the first porn features of this era, Behind the Green Door. Our special guest is Annie Sprinkle, who, in addition to being an internationally known artist, worked as a prostitute and porn actress in New York City during porn’s golden age.

Times Square, 1975 / Getty

On this episode

Crackdown season's here / everyone's on the take / obscene courtroom boredom / porn defies definition / into the parlors and off the streets / "not really in the holiday spirit" / a weak Mob / a good soldier / inventing the private porn viewing booth / the Velvet Underground is always on somewhere / Behind the Green Door / Lynch, Kubrick, and the Mitchell Brothers / the WPA of porn / so Northern California / watch Flaming Creatures / call us! / become a patron / so long

Further reading and viewing

  • "Supreme Court Rejects Appeal In Ginzburg Obscenity Case," New York Times, June 22, 1971 (online archive)
  • "Behind the Green Door," Roger Ebert, December 11, 1973 (online archive)

WAR IS OVER!, 1969

WAR IS OVER!, 1969

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle  (1981)

Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle (1981)

M*A*S*H'D  (!976), featuring Annie Sprinkle

M*A*S*H'D (!976), featuring Annie Sprinkle

  • Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle, d. Annie Sprinkle; 1981
  • Club 90
    • "Annie Sprinkle on Reuniting with Golden Era Porn Legends for CineKink’s “A Tribute to Club 90”," Filmmaker Magazine, February 24, 2015 (online archive)
Behind the Green Door , 1972

Behind the Green Door, 1972

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers

She is the most beautiful porno actress yet. (You may find her smiling out at you from the front of our Ivory Snow box.) And there’s no denying that in the movie’s trapeze scene she qualifies as the busiest actress in porno history.
— Roger Ebert, December 11, 1973
Behind the Green Door

Behind the Green Door

Marilyn Chambers

Marilyn Chambers

  • Behind the Green Door, d. Artie J. Mitchell,  James L. Mitchell); 1972
  • "‘Behind The Green Door’ (1972): The Unpublished Story By George McDonald," The Rialto Report
Times Square 

Times Square 

Featured Music

  • "Shannon," Henry Gross; 1976
  • "We Want Mine," Crack the Sky;1976
  • score, Behind the Green DoorEyes Wide Shut


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