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Goodbye City (Times Square Episode 8)

On this episode, Melissa and Cheyenne say so long to The Deuce. We revisit Serpico, the film and the man, whose life became a myth borne from the 1970s. Our special guest is award-winning filmmaker Shine Louise Houston, founder of queer porn studio Pink & White Productions, on how 70s film influences her work today.

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Indoors / Green Doors (Times Square Episode 6)

On this episode, Melissa and Cheyenne track the indoor move of Times Square's sex trade. And we screen one of the first porn features of this era, Behind the Green Door. Our special guest is Annie Sprinkle, who, in addition to being an internationally known artist, worked as a prostitute and porn actress in New York City during porn’s golden age.

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Hustling (Times Square Episode 4)

On this episode, Melissa and Cheyenne have questions about The Deuce and its gay cliches. Especially after screening Hustling, the TV movie that may as well be The Deuce if it really had been made in 1975. Our special guest is the author of A Taste for Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography, Mireille Miller-Young.

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