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TERRIFIC CITY is where we get to chase our mutual obsessions. Each episode takes us from city life to screen life. We discuss the film and television of the 70s that captures something nothing else can about the politics and social issues of the day. We delve into news and film criticism from the time, in field pieces recorded in the places that inspired them. We visit experts, in their homes or invite them into ours, to learn more about everything we find along the way. And we cover a lot of ground: in our debut season, on Times Square in the 70s, we move from Klute and "Barney Miller" to Last Tango in Paris and "The Deuce," and from policing and urban development to political debates about violence in the media and the power of social movements.

We work full-time in writing (MGG) and filmmaking (Cheyenne). We research, record, and edit each episode in a (modest, yet very capable) home studio in New York City, and we conduct original interviews and record field pieces around the city. Each episode this season takes about twenty hours to produce, in addition to a month of pre-production research ahead of the season. 

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